Dutch course? Of course!

is for expats and their families who are looking for private and small group lessons online and face-to-face.

Locations include clients’ homes and offices.

Private and small group Dutch lessons



and always fun!

Dutch course? Of course! is a proud official partner of Holland Expat Centre


About us

Why Dutch Course? Of Course!

New in this country, need Dutch for your work, study or just for some interaction with people around you?

Dutch Course, of Course!

Your lessons are based on your needs, your way and your pace of learning.

One thing is always in place: your Dutch lessons are going to be unconventional, effective and always fun!

Just like you, the founder of Dutch Course? Of Course! came to the Netherlands from another country, but then some 25 years ago. She knows how it feels when you want to say something but do not dare to do so, when you try to speak Dutch but people just look strangely at you and ask you “what are you saying?” She knows how it feels when the colleagues talk to you in English but a few minutes later switch to Dutch. She also recalls the joy of the first time of being able to understand the jokes, to follow the movies nearly without looking at the subtitles and to be able to build strong friendships with the Dutch.


For information on private and group Dutch lessons contact us at info@dutchcourseofcourse.com

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