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Ceyla, HR Director, Stryker
Sophia is deeply in love with her profession. She understands the learning preferences of her students very well and always comes with creative ideas engaging students at all times. She observes students very well during the lesson and constantly motivates them to challenge their limits. She is very resourceful and always ties the content with daily life and gives good advice on how to study, learn and practice the language. I recommend Sophia to anyone who is willing to really learn and speak Dutch in a fun, practical atmosphere with high engagement.
Ms. Nameless
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Kevin, CFO and Member of the Executive Board, Wolters Kluwer
I would like to recommend Sophia as a teacher for the Dutch language. Sophia started teaching me the Dutch language in June 2014. She is a talented and very patient teacher. Her enthusiastic way of teaching the Dutch language is very motivating. I enjoyed working with Sophia and would recommend her as a teacher.
Ms. Nameless
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Marina, Manager Treasury Advisory, Deloitte
Sophia is a great tutor, very knowledgeable and always in a good mood. I am a Portuguese speaker and Dutch can be a challenging language but I feel much more comfortable when exposed to it after my lessons with her. I took online classes and they were very convenient and I do not feel like I have missed out on anything (at all). I highly recommend Sophia as a tutor
Ms. Nameless
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