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I have been taking private lessons with Sophia for 9 months and she has helped me improve my Dutch a lot. Her approach is very good and works perfectly for me! Not only have I learned a lot of Dutch, but I also really enjoy getting lessons from Sophia as she is friendly and fun. I feel that Sophia has tailor-made lessons for my needs and she is very flexible. My goal has been to understand the language and be able to converse. I did not want to focus on heavy grammar lessons or spelling, but rather conversational learning. When I started lessons with Sophia, we talked about my goals and purpose for wanting to learn Dutch, which Sophia then applies to our lessons. I feel that Sophia has a practical approach to our lessons, and teaches me Dutch that I can apply in everyday life. I highly recommend taking lessons with Sophia!”

Emma from Sweden

Sophia is deeply in love with her profession. She understands the learning preferences of her students very well and always comes with creative ideas engaging students at all times. She observes students very well during the lesson and constantly motivates them to challenge their limits. She is very resourceful and always ties the content with daily life and gives good advice on how to study, learn and practice the language. I recommend Sophia to anyone who is willing to really learn and speak Dutch in a fun, practical atmosphere with high engagement. 

Ceyla from Turkey

Sophia is a talented and committed tutor. I really enjoyed her adaptive learning approach. Sophia quickly recognizes progress and accelerates to keep momentum and also senses more time may be required and supports you with various methods to suit your learning style. These skills combined with her positive and friendly nature makes it a privilege to learn from her.
Gary and Debra from Australia

The lessons have been extremely helpful and I have been able to communicate with the contractors. I was able to present to my project team in Dutch on more than one occasion. Overall I believe it was a success and I would like to thank you for your patience and for teaching me Dutch!

Helene from the USA
For me Sophia was an excellent teacher, introducing me to the Dutch Language with passion and skill. Sophia has an approachable, patient and encouraging personality, and inspired me to make progress with her positive attitude and openness. Learning a language was new to me, and Sophia brought the process to light, and made it accessible for me and I always looked forward to my lessons with her. Overall, I feel lucky to have had her as my teacher! Thanks a lot!
Rebecca from England
Sophia is a great teacher - knowledgeable in Dutch at native speaker level, professional in Dutch laguage science, well equipped with efficient teaching techniques. She is friendly, flexible and customer-focused. It all helped me and my wife to master essentials of Dutch pretty soon so that already after a few months of classes we are able to carry out basic talks with locals. Highly recommended for foreigners willing to learn Dutch!
Ivan and Elena from Russia
I have now been taking Dutch lessons with Sophia for 2 years. My schedule has been inconsistent and sometime unpredictable, but Sophia has always been extremely accommodating and understanding. Learning a new language while moving to a new country and caring for small children has proved to be challenging. Sophia has managed to make it enjoyable. The lessons feel less like classroom time and more like conversations with a friend. She has not only taught to speak Dutch, but is also always available to explain and help me with learning and appreciating the Dutch culture. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude which has been extremely encouraging for me. Sophia is a great fit as a teacher for myself and I highly recommend her for any expat trying to learn Dutch. 
Elisabete from Greece

Sophia is a wonderful Dutch teacher! Not only did she use creative, interesting, and effective methods to make sure we were comprehending the material, but she made sure that the lessons incorporated cultural content as well. What we learned from our time with Sophia was an integral part of our integration into Dutch life. Sophia is fun, caring, and very interesting! I felt that she always cared about our learning and also about us as her students. She has a passion for teaching and a contagious smile. I highly recommend her!
Alexander from France and Whitney from the USA
In order to work as a doctor in the Netherlands you have to register in the BIG. (Beroepen in de Individuelle Gezondheidszorg) And if you want to register you need to do a language test in Netherlands and get a certification on B2+ Level. With the help of Sophia Riemersma i passed my exam successful at December 2019. I can highly recommend her. The work with her is effective and she is sympathetic teacher with a sense of humour. I worked hard but i also had a lot of fun. Thank you very much, Sophia!
Christian from Germany
Ik was voor het afgelopen anderhalf jaar een student van Sophia. Voordat wij van de VS naar Nederland verhuisd waren, begonnen wij met de lessen via Skype. Voor mij, dit was een groot voordeel want ik had een goede basis voordat ik in Nederland woonde. Wij hadden de lessen een jaar nadat mijn vrouw en ik in Nederland waren aangekomen, en dit helpt met het dagelijkse leven en ook het vertrouwen met werken en openbare conversaties. Sophia is heel aardig, flexibel, en een goede lerares. Ik raad haar aan iemand wie de Nederlandse taal wil leren in een flexibele, hoge kwaliteit, en doordachte manier. Dankjewel Sophia! 
Nick from the USA
Sophia is a great tutor, very knowledgeable and always in a good mood. I am a Portuguese speaker and Dutch can be a challenging language but I feel much more comfortable when exposed to it after my lessons with her. I took online classes and they were very convenient and I do not feel like I have missed out on anything (at all). I highly recommend Sophia as a tutor
Marina from Brazil
Nederlands leren was voor mij echt belangrijk. Ik ben de enige buitenlander op kantoor en ik was met mijn baas overeen gekomen, dat vanaf een bepaald tijdpunt alle vergaderingen in het Nederlands zouden plaatsvinden. En niet meer in het Engels. Dus was mijn focus vooral op het spreken en begrijpen van de nieuwe taal. Om de Nederlandse lessen flexibel te kunnen hanteren heb ik voor online lessen gekozen via Skype. Daarmee had ik de mogelijkheid op kantoor, van huis maar ook op vakantie lessen te plannen en te doen. Sophia is een ervaren leraar op dit gebied. Met haar was ik in staat het op te pakken en met plezier aan het werk te gaan. Met mijn motivatie en de lessen van Sophia was het makkelijk om de taal te leren. Ik ben nu, na twee jaar, op en goed niveau om zakelijke en privé aangelegenheden te beheren. Van harte bedankt Sophia!
René from Germany
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