Start with your Dutch course today! 

                                                                                              Conversational  small group *


"De cursus is erg praktisch. De lessen zijn interessant. De docent is geweldig! Ik spreek Nederlands met mijn vrienden en als ik eten bestel"..."Ik kan lezen en schrijven in het Nederlands. Ik wil de cursus graag voortzetten! Veel dank!"   "I do wish that I can be your student again!"

From the very first lesson, you are going to speak Dutch. And, of course, you are going to make a lot of mistakes, but if you are open to learning and speaking, you will be able to enjoy the language and use it every day more and more freely, just like those who followed the same course before you.

Level:                0 => A1
Length:            20 lessons in 10 weeks
Frequency:    1 academic hour (45 min), twice a week 

Location:        online

Time - choose from:    “Early bird”         

                                               “Dutch @lunch”      
                                               “Dutch after work"  

Start:                  when the group is complete, which is normally quite soon



                              +31(0)6 5 123 6 231

How does the learning method work?

  • All lessons are conversational. The texts on which the method is based provide the topics for the lesson
  • We start with the most frequently used Dutch words and with every lesson you acquire less frequently used words.  All new vocabulary offered is translated into 26 languages. 
  • Before the lesson you study the text with the help of integral recordings, so you practice listening and pronunciation. Then you are ready for our conversational class.
  • During the lesson, your teacher only deals with topics that are already familiar to you and solely uses sentences and vocabulary that you already know from the texts. This ensures that you understand the teacher and other participants and can reply in Dutch.
  • Meaning, pronunciation, and grammatical structures are offered and learned through the given texts. The teacher shall explain grammatical items when you have questions by giving examples from the texts without using grammatical terminology.
  • The texts on which the method builds cover various everyday and other topics, and use the most frequently used Dutch words. You prepare one or more text(s) for each lesson. Then you can actively take part in the conversational class. It works when you are motivated and have self-discipline 
  • Before the course starts there will be an introductory meeting. During the introductory meeting, you will be told how to work with the method and how to prepare for your lessons.

  • Levels available:         A1=>A2, A2=>A2+, A2+=>B1, B1=>B2, B2=>C1

    Fees:                                  € 790,00 incl. VAT,  excl. lesson material